Monday, 23 March 2015

Latest Facebook Features for Every Businesses

Hello Friends, well this is my first blog & without wasting any time I'm straight away diving to the topic. 

Here we will discuss about some latest Facebook features which can help businesses to grow;

  1. Crafting Multi Product Ads:

This facebook feature helps users to create multi product ads or also called as Carosel which allow you to rotate several products in one ad where each products will be having it's own title,image & landing page.Also all pages share the same text & social buttons like comment,share & like.You can set up this these facebook ads only using the API or Facebook's power editor. Multi product ads only run on the news feed & are not allowed in the right column of the facebook

Best Practices for Crafting Multi Product Ads:

  • Keep the headline & description text short to fit the screen, (Headline-25 characters & Description line-30 characters)
  • Don't use large & wide images, maximum image square dimension should be 600x600 pixels, both for desktop & mobile ads.
  • Last but not the least test to find out what number of displayed products maximizes your conversion rate.
To be cont..